QR codes - tech savvy marketing

Quick Response (QR) codes are exactly that.  Whether you are offering a discount, asking for a service rating, promoting and event or even sharing a new song QR codes provide instant access to information via your smartphone.  We have invested in some clever tech to produce codes which work for you and your business. 

There are lots of reasons to use QR codes to including:

  • Contactless Payment - Customers just scan your QR codes then use PayPal to pay
  • They save space - QR scans can hold LOTS of information, you can use them to link to menus or catalogues (see digital flipbooks)
  • They can be really cost effective - in the same vein as a real-time flipbook, QR codes can be edited and changed with very little cost.
  • They can increase your social media following - a direct link to your pages will encourage people to like and follow your content.
  • You can collate new data - QR codes can be a great way of asking your customers for their information which gives you the opportunity to create a new or updated database.
  • They show you are a forward thinking company - using technology is an advantage to any company as it shows that you are willing to invest in trends to make your customers consumer journey easier.
  • They are marketing genius - stick them anywhere... with direct links to videos, websites, social media accounts, menus and more it's easier and cheaper and far less time consuming than handing out leaflets!
Mobile phone scanning a QR code
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