The More Company Flipbook

What's all the fuss about digital flipbooks?

An interactive flipbook is a unique and inspirational way to interact with your customers. They offer a distinct flavour of your products and services, presented in an appealing and engaging way.

There are numerous benefits to investing in a flipbook but the main ones are cost and changeability. For example, if you have a printed catalogue and over time your products go out of stock or become obsolete, your publication becomes worthless whereas with a flipbook, changes can be made in real-time ensuring that anyone viewing your flipbook is looking at current information from your company.

Using online digital brochures (such as this one opposite) and eMarketing with the right centric message increases awareness and engagement compared to when a reader receives a generalised message.

Embeddable Content

Once we have created your flipbook, you can embed it in your email signatures, on your website and have links to include it in your social media content. With more than one flipbook you could create your own library of digital content bespoke to your business!

Interactive Content

From social media links to video, you can include an abundance of information within a flipbook making one of the most powerful marketing investments you can make. All our flipbooks come with a shortened unique URL which can be tracked giving you statistics on viewings.

Numerous Uses

Flipbooks can be used to introduce your company, highlight new products or services, generate leads, build your brand, publicise collaborations and more. Our flipbooks can be created as newsletters, brochures, catalogues, menus, company portfolios, business propositions and moreā€¦

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