Funding Support

We pay to access to some of the UK's best funding notification sites which are checked daily to see whether there are any grant/funding opportunities that would be suited to our clients, we can then advise you of these opportunities and if required assist you with the application process.

We have helped several companies register for Government contracts systems (DPS) along with completing local authority applications and tenders. If successful, these opportunities can provide a valuable means of income. We can assist by compiling information, creating professional documentation detailing your processes/care structure/specialist services, etc and, uploading these to the relevant portals will ensure that you never miss a relevant opportunity. 

There are various categories for which grants and funding are available including:

  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Business Development
  • Children and Young People
  • Community Development
  • Education and Training
  • Employment
  • Energy, Environment and Transport
  • Health, Justice and Welfare
  • Housing
  • Innovation, Research and Development
  • International
  • Land Buildings and Equipment
  • Neighbourhood Renewal and Regeneration
  • Rural Development
  • Schools and Colleges

We can also help with crowdfunding campaigns. 

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